Dear Mr Lerner

Dear Mr Lerner,

I am writing to you for clarification regarding the vacant (ish?) manager’s position at Aston Villa.

I am one of your loyal supporters. Not the sort that vandalises Villa Park to prove how much I love it, but still, a fan. It may have come to your attention that many fans of the club are frankly a bit perturbed by the possibility that Alex McLeish may be our new manager.

I’d like to make it clear to you where I stand. I’m not thrilled at the idea of appointing a manager strongly associated with our arch rivals. But, if said manager had a proven track record in the Premier League, transformed mediocre teams into those in European contention then I would welcome the opportunity to use his talents and deny them to the second team in the city.

But you and I know tht is not the case. He does have a proven track record. Of relegating a team that wasn’t so jaw-droppingly bad that it was an inevitability. Twice.

The evidence leads me to one of two conclusions. Either a) he’s not much cop or b) the players weren’t much cop. If you do feel he is a rough diamond who will dazzle and shame us all, then I can only conclude that you won’t be signing any of the useless players that let such a fine manager down at Birmingham City.

I hope we understand each other.

A fan

PS Frank Rijkaard won the Champions League as a manager, and did well in the European Cup with the Dutch national team. He has said he would take the job if offered. Just saying.

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3 Responses to Dear Mr Lerner

  1. siavilla says:

    couldnt agree more,for me the problem isnt he was Blues manager,its the fact he took a team that should have achieved mid-table to relegation,I dont understand how that is deserving of a pay rise and a chance to manage a club the size of Villa!

  2. judes says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘jaw droppingly’ or is it some kind of sporting pun of which I have no knowledge?

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