Budget schmudget

I’m just trying to work out the point at which I will be out of pocket because of my saintly desire to work.

I made a fundamental mistake. I’m a public sector worker. I have a pre-school child so only work part-time. On the days I work I pay for private nursery day care from 8 till 6, and a nanny to look after the big kid after school as the after-school club doesn’t finish late enough for me.

I’m sure as hell not working for the money. Which alarmingly means it must be for love. Or for fear of falling out of the job market and becoming unemployable. Yes . . . that sounds much more like it. 

As a key worker, I’m fairly sure I wasn’t part of the problem but am thrilled that I can be part of the solution.  If experience is anything to go by then we can safely assume nursery fees will continue to rise and my pay freeze (which,to be honest, I quite understand) pushes me ever closer to not covering my childcare costs. There comes a point when work stops being a ‘sensible’ economic choice for me & my family.

I’m not sure this is what Mr Osborne intended.

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