‘Interested’ / schminterested

Language. It can be a bit misleading. Sometimes deliberately.

I am interested.

What does that phrase mean? Let’s look at what the Chambers Dictionary I have conveniently to hand has to say about the word ‘interested’.

interested adj 1 showing concern or having an interest 2 personally involved;not impartial or disinterested.

I am interested in genocide. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is something I am actively seeking to pursue at evenings and weekends, but rather that I wish to find out a bit more.

Today the Department of Education published a list of schools who had expressed an interest in applying for academy status. http://tinyurl.com/3a5vnzz

The names of 1,700 schools that have asked the government about becoming academies was published by the department for education today.

The list is divided into those rated outstanding – who can apply for fast-track academy status that will let them convert by the start of the September term – and all the others who have expressed an interest.

At least let us know what sweeties you'll give us.

Except, my understanding is that this is not quite right. These schools, at least in the majority of cases, have not shown an interest in becoming academies. They have shown an interest in finding out what on earth Mr Gove means when he says they could have academy status. Having spoken to a headteacher from one of the schools listed , it was explained that the government have effectively said ‘do you want to join my club?’

to which the obvious response is ‘what is your club?’

‘Aha – well, you have to say you’re interested  before we’ll tell you . . . . and even then it might take a while as we’re making this up as we go along . . . . a bit.’

The idea that any school will have enough information in the next four weeks of this academic year to then discuss, ensure all criteria are met, put to governors and parents before going back to governors to ratify the desire for academy status seems unlikely as full details have not yet reached schools from the Department for Education. I would suggest that in the time frame available any school that is ready for business as a new academy in September has done so in haste.

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