Blogging Schmogging

 It seems unlikely that the world is in need of another blogger and yet my egocentricity and vanity tell me that rather than rant like a mad person to yourself it is better to rant into the ether. There are those who would suggest that a blog with no readers is the same thing . . . but I like to think there is a crucial difference – hypothetical people might, one day, accidentally when looking for something better else, stumble upon it and read these words of wisdom.

Indeed, my world doesn’t often intersect with that of the bloggerati very often. But this week I found myself in the company of a group of people whose first question was ‘what’s your name?’ and second was ‘do you have a blog?’. Apparently, by virtue of having gone to a SITP event, I was deemed to be as potentially interesting and informed as the people around me undeniably were. This was nice. I felt valued and clever. They were wrong.

If there is any difference between blogging and ranting (and in poor examples I’m yet to be convinced there is) surely it is because of the need for a point, a continuous narrative. That’s been my stumbling block so far. But you can’t keep a good woman quiet so we’ll leave that as the elephant in the room and hope that one day we’ll look back and see the blindingly obvious fact that all my posts are unified by their common . . . . (tbc?)

I do think it is pretty inevitable that there will be plenty of blogs centred around education and politics. . . the curveball may be a bit of football when I can’t resist. Give me a break – there’s a World Cup about to start.

My first blog proper will almost certainly be about a beacon of academic excellence, the pudding that is the alleged proof – Havelock Academy.

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